Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Featherweight...

So...I have to rip my ENTIRE featherweight sweater.  The.  Entire.  Thing.  I was almost done with the body of the sweater, tried it on, and realized that the armpit holes are too tight.  Ugh.  I didn't want to believe it.  Maybe, magically, the armpit holes will get bigger once I add the sleeves.  So I called my mom, nope, still had to rip it.  She said that if I'm going to put all this time and effort into knitting a sweater, I want it comfortable.  Maybe she's wrong, so I got a third opinion of  my entire family (minus my sis).  Yup, I still should rip least to where the knitting is separated for the sleeves.  Maybe, just maybe, a fourth opinion would be what I'm looking sister!  The final and unanimous consensus is to not only rip it, but rip the whole thing and start with a new size... UGH.......

Back to the drawing board.

Knitting for the men

I've decided to undertake a huge project...knitting for the guy in my life!  After two years of marriage I think my husband is finally worthy of a knit something or other.  He understands the time and effort that goes into knitting, ripping, and knitting again.  Plus he's my baller (shot caller, haha, I couldn't resist...anyone remember that song?), he winds all my yarn into balls, thus, saving me precious knitting time!'s time for a sweater.  Here are some patterns I'm thinking about.

Raglan Sleeved Henley



My husband is super picky (like most men I bet) about his sweaters.  He doesn't want to look old man-ish, but he also isn't super preppy.  So I'm thinking a raglan sweater with a partial button down front.  What do you think?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

More TdF 2012

I've been working almost every day on spinning. So far I finished the blue mystery wool:

I've begun spinning the undyed mystery wool.

It's a lot easier if I pre-draft, but it sure takes forever! I divided the roving in two pieces and decided that would be an easier project to handle. I finished the first half on Friday and I'll begin the second half today.

So far so good. I think I am going to knit a mug cozy out of the blue yarn. It's overspun in some places, so it's not the best, but a cozy doesn't have to look pretty to do its' job!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Featherweight Progress

This week I have the house all to myself!  I have visions of everything I'm going to get done....pounds of fiber spun, whole sweaters knit...not to mention all the massive cleaning I'm going to do, and scrape, prime and paint the exterior of the house.  I'm sure I can do it ALL!  With time to spare.  Here's the beginning of my productivity...progress on my Featherweight sweater.

 I also spun and plied another alpaca skein.

I LOVE this alpaca!!!  It spins like a cloud.  Originally I wanted to make this into a thick single so it would be nice and squishy, however, I've noticed that some fibers have a mind of their own and just want to be a certain weight.  This alpaca wants to be wants to be about fingering weight (maybe thinner) as a single.  So thin it is!

TdF Day 16

I've been slowly plugging away at the blue mystery wool. Things are getting easier!

In my spare time I've been reading Respect the Spindle. I haven't gotten too far into it, but it's very well written. I can't wait to get to the chapters that discuss the act of spinning, and how to improve what you're doing.

I'm hoping to finish this blue wool Wednesday and then set the twist. I'm a bit excited about it! There's a lot more than my first skein, so I wonder if I can make something cute with it. Ideas are always welcome!

Friday, July 13, 2012

TdF Day 13

I spun and plied like a mad woman on Tour de Fleece - day 13!  I spun an entire bobbin of alpaca singles and plied them.

Perfect mitten yarn!  (I'll post pics of the finished skeins after I set the twist!)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

TdF - First Skein

I finally set the twist on my first skein on the drop spindle. It's some sort of wool that came along with my Louet spindle. It's soft, but has that rough wool texture.

Tour de Fleece is going well. I'm working on my park and draft a bit more with another type of wool. So far, so good! It's becoming easier as I practice more. Once I finish with my half hour run today, I'll update the post with a new picture.

For more information about Tour de Fleece, check out the Ravelry group.

TDF Day 11

So much for day 11 of the Tour de Fleece being a day of rest.  I spun an entire bobbin of alpaca singles. 

I practiced my long draw technique to make this yarn nice and fluffy!  The alpaca skein from yesterday's post was supposed to be for a lonnnnnng needed pair of mittens...well I changed my mind.  I decided I want to knit my mittens with a plied yarn, instead of a single, to give it more strength.  I also plan on dying the alpaca after its spun...a dusty purple maybe?  Any ideas on what color?  (FYI my winter jacket is black)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TDF Day 10

My day 10 progress for the Tour de Fleece...

I finished spinning singles for the grey merino (London Fog) and plied it.  I also finished the alpaca merino on the right.  The merino is the first of many skeins for my cousin to knit Abalone, although I'm not sure it will have the drape she is looking for.  We will see after the swatch!  The alpaca is for a pair a mittens.

First Sweater Evaaa!

Actually, not really.  I have a terrible habit of starting sweaters, knitting half way through, then deciding I don't like it and ripping it.  This particular sweater I have actually cast on three different times and ripped it.  I finally decided to just suck it up and stick with it.  Here's my progress...

I'm knitting the featherweight cardigan with Knit Picks Gloss Lace.

First Blog Post!

My first blog post!  Yay!  This blog is going to serve as a journal of my and my sister's journey through our fiber arts adventures! We are currently the founders/owners of Lammie Pie which provides handspun/hand dyed yarn and fiber.  We have a blast creating the yarns and fiber and want to share it in this blog!

Some eye candy for the first post, the original Lammie Pie which the shop is named after!