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Welcome to our blog, Lammie Pie!  We are two sisters who share a passion for fiber-y arts.

About Mary:

Hi, I'm Mary, the younger sister, a 27 year old from Buffalo, NY!  I live with my husband, Nick, and our two pets Sidney the chocolate lab and Rutherford the lop bunny.  Sidney is almost 2 years old, and during her 2 short years has successfully driven me crazy with her antics.  She is a typical chocolate lab and not only has gotten into EVERYTHING but she's had her fair share of bad luck (including a puncture wound, Leptospirosis, and intestinal blockages).

Rutherford is a 9 year old bunny who has an attitude!  Tori and I adopted him 5 years ago from the SPCA.  He is seriously the best bunny IN THE WORLD.  He is litter trained, has the run of the house, and is the alpha male of the family (yes, he is higher up in ranking than Sidney, Nick, and I, haha!).

I've been sewing, knitting and crocheting since I was little.  I got away from them while I was in school and college, but have recently started back up.  I've been spinning for about 5 years, bought my first wheel 2 years ago, and my second wheel 6 months ago.
Ravelry name: mlindstrom

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