Monday, June 24, 2013

My lack of knitting...

For the past couple months I've been severely lacking in the crafting department. Sure I've done little things here and there, like crocheting little ferret toys or gathering my stash for the upcoming Tour de Fleece, but it's not enough to say I've accomplished anything. The reason for this is this little girl, Nora:

Now that she is back to her normal, healthy self, I've been working to put the past months behind me. For a good month and a half neither myself nor the Vet knew what was wrong with her. Vomiting, lethargy, and weight loss are all bad signs in a ferret. Eventually, at the end of the second month, the Vet and I decided that exploratory surgery was the last thing we could do to determine what was making her ill. That's when the pieces of "something" were found.

I can't figure out what these pieces are, as I own nothing rubber like that she has access to, so it will forever remain a mystery.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Paint it Black...Errr, White

I have taken "somewhat" of a knitting/spinning/sewing hiatus.  I say "somewhat" because I'm still doing all of those things, just not at my normal speed.  Why, you say?  Well, another one of my obsessions has struck!  WHITE PAINT!  Yes, paint!  I'm totally obsessed with painting EVERYTHING white!  Anything I can get my hands on its turning white.  I am so obsessed with painting that the Rolling Stones song "Paint it Black" has been my theme song for the past few weeks.

I see a red(natural) door(baseboard) and I want it painted black(white).
No colors anymore I want them to turn black (white).

Ugly baseboards...


(Please excuse the mess and fuzzy picture)

Hideous uneven fake wood shelves...

Don't get me started on the lamp!

Now waaaaay more tolerable

Also, more evidence of baseboard painting.  Oh, and the forced air vent used to be brown.

Last, but not least, our new patio set.

Nick and I found this table and four matching chairs for sale on the side of the road for a steal!  I wire brushed it to get the rust and loose paint off and am now painting it none other, but white!  

On the spinning front...I'm joining a local spinning guild!  It's called Common Threads and I'm soooooooo excited!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Elsa Jacket

Andi Satterlund has just released a new crochet sweater pattern that is absolutely adorable, the Elsa Jacket.

Super cute, right?  Well, guess what?  I got to test crochet it!!! Crazy cool, huh?!  I ended up using the recommended yarn, Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Sport.  Personally, I thought the yarn was ITCHY!  I won't ever buy it again.  You live, you learn, right? But as for the sweater was great!  When I say great, I mean a-maz-zing!

The sweater is a zip up with buttons at the sleeve cuffs, bottom band and neck band.  Obviously, I haven't put those on yet...but you get the idea.

I highly recommend this sweater for anyone..even beginners who have never made a sweater.  It was straightforward and good for mindless crocheting while watching TV or at a friends house.  The textured stripes keep the crocheting interesting so you don't get bored!

I think I'm going to make another one, this time in Knit Picks Shine Sport.  The yarn is cotton and modal, so it definitely won't be itchy on my super sensitive skin!