Friday, October 5, 2012

Craftsy Love

Sorry for the recent hiatus, I'm teaching a college math class this semester for the first time (!) and have been soooo busy!  Anyways, on to what matters most in the world...fiber...

Lately, I've been loving the Craftsy classes!  I got started with my first couple Craftsy classes because they offer a few free mini classes.  The first free class I took was on short rows and taught all the different methods of doing them.

The four ways of doing short rows:
 Pretty awesome huh?!

The second, and my favorite, free class I took was Know Your Wool, taught by Deborah Robson.  It is AWESOME, and the perfect primer for any spinner that wants to work with different wools.  I learned an incredible amount.  I must say, my favorite part is when Deborah goes to the wool market and there are adorable sheep there!!  So cute!  If you're a spinner, or even a knitter, I highly recommend this free course.

The latest Craftsy course I've taken is Spinning Dyed Fiber, by Felicia Lo.  This one is really good as well and does exactly what the title implies, teaches different methods of spinning dyed fibers.  The techniques really help so that you don't end up getting muddy looking yarns.  I currently working on using the techniques I learned to spin this...
Grimore by Hobbledehoy Fibers on Etsy  (my absolute fav fiber shop!!)

Have you ever taken any Craftsy courses?  If so, which ones?  Did you like them?

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