Friday, November 16, 2012

New Add in's

I'm so excited!  Last night a wonderful package of what else but fiber arrived!! Yay!  I ordered some fiber add in's for my batts in my etsy shop...I got some recycled sari silk - black and multi color, firestar, faux cashmere, and some glitz.  I'm especially excited about the recycled sari silk since buying it supports women in India. Isn't that awesome?

I'm planning on dedicating my weekend to fiber arts...dying, washing, carding, and making batts.  So hopefully I should have a shop update by the end of Sunday.  I will also be using some newly washed black shetland in the batts this weekend!  The fleece is from a sheep named Olivia...

On another note, please wish my sweet bunny, Rutherford, luck today.  I dropped him off at the exotic specialist vet this morning for surgery on his eyes and teeth.  :(


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