Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkey Trot

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the US, and one of our family traditions is to participate in Buffalo's annual Turkey Trot.  The Turkey Trot is the countries oldest 5 mile road race and this year there were 14,000 participants!  Of those participants about half dress up in costumes and run the full 5 miles.  Every year you can count on some hilarious costumes...a gingerbread man, Indiana Jones, a bunch of bananas, Santa, his elf's, and his reindeer, and of course turkey.  Oh, I can't forget the gang of people that dress up as flamingos and push a shopping cart of beer the whole run!  And the guys that carry full size canoes on their backs the whole time!

So this year, my sister (the other blog contributor) and I decided to get a little festive and make a couple of turkey hats.  Of course we decided on the hats the night before the Turkey Trot and had to whip these babies up in record time!  I finally started crocheting the first hat at 7pm on Wednesday night.  We worked together and got BOTH hats done by 11pm!  Without further hat...

We used the Turkey Hat pattern by Kristin Hankins. 


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