Friday, March 29, 2013

Something Resembling a Sweater

I finally have something that actually resembles a sweater!!  Remember this post about the Seamless Raglan Sweater?  Check it out, it's now more than just a bunch of tubes claiming to be a sweater!

You may be able to see in the first picture that I'm going to put a half zip on the sweater.  After I joined the sleeves to the body, instead of knitting in the round, I turned the knitting when I was at the half way point in the front.  I've also switched from the raglan construction to a yoke construction.  After my husband tried the sweater on, I showed him pictures of raglan and yoke sweaters again.  We also looked at the sweaters that he wears often and decided to go with the yoke.   I'm stoked....yoke construction seems waaaaay easier!