Monday, April 15, 2013

Black Miette Skirt

Over the weekend I sewed up one of my very own Miette skirts!  Have you seen the pattern by Tilly and the Buttons?  It is seriously THE CUTEST!

Ugh, black is so hard to photograph...

I made my skirt out of some medium weight cotton blend (I think?) that I got from the clearance section at Joann's.  I had just enough fabric in my stash to squeeze this skirt out.

It's so hard to tell from these pictures, but the skirt is a wrap skirt with a bow tie front closure and pockets!!!! You can kinda see the tie and pockets in this crappy phone picture.

I loved the pattern, it was so easy to sew...especially with Tilly's step by step instructions.  I will definitely make another one of these, maybe a denim Miette next!


  1. The black and white pattern shirt really looks good with that skirt!!

  2. Thanks Tori! This skirt is totally going to be a staple that I can wear with a lot.

  3. It looks super cute. Great job! I like the Miette pattern, too.