Monday, April 8, 2013


I have a confession.  Lately I've been into sewing more than knitting and spinning.

During my lunch break at work, I've been frequenting thrift stores to find clothes that could use a new life.  I look for large skirts or dresses that have nice fabric which isn't too worn (no holes, runs, stains, etc.).  Once I find something, I take it home and throw it in the wash...I even washed a wool skirt, GASP!  ...and guess what?  It turned out fine, imagine that...wool in a washer machine!

After the skirt is washed and pressed, I use the fabric to cut out a new pattern.  The last skirt I made out of thrifted finds was a grey wool skirt.  I made it into a Colette Beignet.  Unfortunately, I only have super crappy pictures of it.  I need to teach my husband how to take semi-decent pictures!  I do have a picture of a beignet skirt that I made yesterday though!

The very last step was to sew the button holes and sew the buttons on.  I fought like the dickens with my machine, trying to figure out how to make it sew button holes!  The machine won...those buttons (all 6 are from my stash, SCORE!)  are just placed on the skirt to get the jist of what it's supposed to be like.

Next, I'm planning to make Tilly's Miette skirt in black.

Does anyone else sew?

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