Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dog Bed

My latest sewing adventure has been making my pup, Sidney, a dog bed.  She is slowly growing out of eating the comforter we give her to lay on.  Slowly being the operative word.  She still eats it when we are at work, but as for when we are home, the thing is pretty much safe.

Joann Fabrics had a President's Day sale this weekend and the high density foam was 50% off!  We ended up getting a pretty large piece, over a yard, for only about 26 bucks.  I made a cover for the foam out of a thrifted bed sheet I had lying around and plan to make a prettier cover for the cover soon.

Without further ado, Sidney modeling the bed...

I'm pretty sure Amvets has a 50% off President's Day sale going on today.  So I plan to go and pick up some thrifted table cloths for the prettier cover!

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