Monday, February 25, 2013

Time Management

Lately, I've had a lot of trouble finding the balance between knitting, spinning, dying, sewing, (etc...) and life.  I work a full time job (probably like most of you), so when I get home, I'm tired.  Generally, I don't feel like doing much.  So when it comes time to choose between knitting and cleaning or cooking, guess which one wins out....yup knitting (or spinning, or sewing).  If you add on the fact that I have two crazy shedders, Sidney the Lab and Rutherford the bunny, you can probably imagine just what my house looks like. 

 I debated long and hard whether I would post a super embarrassing cluttered up house picture...but, hey, isn't that what a blog is for?  Over sharing, haha!

Check out the crazy clutter (and the waaaay too long curtains, not to mention the missing one)...ugh, so embarrassing!

For as long as I remember, I have always had this problem.  This year, I've decided to give a calendar book a shot.  I scored the internet long and hard for the PERFECT planner.  I don't want just any planner...not one of those boring ones you can go and pick up from the store, or the ones that don't really help to organize. 

First off, it has a pretty cover (I got the green cover).  Second, check out the inside!  All in one glance, you can see the month view, week view, to do, and notes...seriously, it's revolutionary!  

Mine is coming in the mail today.  I can't wait to book it (no pun intended, well maybe it was, haha) outta work and check the mail!  I'll tell you this, the first item on my to-do list should probably be hem those dang curtains.

How do you manage your time?  Do you have serious time management/organization issues like me?

*Please note, I was not paid to talk about this planner.  I just found it and thought it was CRAZY COOL!

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