Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'm Loving...

Some of you may have noticed that I go through phases of different obsessions.  I'm constantly obsessed with something new and it generally revolves around something to do with fiber.  Lately, I've been on a sewing kick...specifically sewing clothes.  Well, not actually.  I've been obsessed with reading blogs about other people who sew clothes.  I'm gaining my confidence.

Anyways, I am starting a new regularly occurring post called "I'm Loving..."  These posts will feature things/blogs/patterns that I'm loving at the time.  I hope you guys enjoy it!

Right now I'm loving the blog Madalynne. It is a blog on pattern making, fashion, and diy's.  She just released a new pattern and instructions on how to make your own underwear!  I know, it might sound a little odd to some of you, but seriously, they are SOOOO cute!


She also has an adorable DIY for a valentine card.


Does any one else enjoy sewing (or in my case looking at blogs of people who sew)?

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